We all need to pull off multiple looks as we navigate through life (work, interviews, classes...). If you like streetwear as your norm though, then these are your staples: 

1. Basic tee that can be thrown together with jeans or joggers for a simple, stylish look. Don't restrict yourself to the typical white tee ...navy, camo, black or long sleeved variations deliver just as well!

2. Medium wash, slim fit jeans. This is easy to mess up...so to avoid the dad jeans look, opt for variations that offer ripped detail and maybe a skinny fit.

3. Zip up Hoodie. Why? The style options no less! Go for the versions offering softer fabric and pair with joggers & tees for an athletic look...or rock with jeans, leather high tops and an open coat for the ultimate urban street vibe.

4. High top sneakers. Far from it's humble beginnings around providing ankle support for athletes, high tops are now a staple of street fashion. Fun with skinny jeans or go retro with a rolled up jeans cuff sitting just on top. Leather can provide added versatility.

5. Simple leather watch. Does right by your wrists while adding versatility to any wardrobe. The classic leather band can hang just as easily with a tee or with a layered hoodie/blazer look.